Our Training Philosophy

At A Happier Home Dog Pros, our approach to dog training is reward and relationship-based.

Reward-based training means communicating to your dog when he or she has performed a wanted behavior and offering a reward for that behavior. Relationship-based training is a style and philosophy based on empathy towards dogs instead of the (out-of-date) method of using fear to achieve desired training results.

Often when a dog is first trained, he/she is taken to a large facility, such as a (big box) pet store, and soon after asked to master very difficult skills – such as sitting in the middle of a noisy and crowded store – without any regard to what the dog may be feeling at that moment. This situation often elicits intense emotional responses in dogs – which are counterproductive to learning* and can set training back weeks or months -if not indefinitely!

*When a dog is mentally stimulated and encouraged to think, he/she will be primed and ready to learn. In this state, emotional responses – like fear – will be minimized.

We do not train dog-aggressive, human-aggressive, protection or service dogs.

Foundations of Training I


Our expert trainer comes to your home once a week – for 4 weeks – to train with you and your pup.

During these 60 minute training sessions, we cover:
  • Handler Focus
  • Basic Leash Manners (Loose Leash Walking)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Wait
  • Leave It
  • Drop It
  • Recall
  • Potty Training
  • Introduction to Heel
  • and More!
This beginner dog – and puppy – training class is designed to help teach you and your dog how to best communicate with each other while developing a lifetime bond – based on trust and respect.
Our class is 4 weeks long, instead of the traditional 6-8 weeks you would find in many pet stores and large dog training facilities.
We offer the same basic skills and commands, without the distraction of other dogs and their owners. This can be especially beneficial for fearful or shy dogs, such as rescues!
It’s easy for us to cover more information in a shorter period of time and begin to see real progress on the very first day with our fun & easy lessons!
Please Note: This Class is Customizable Based On Your Specific Training Needs and We May Not be Able to Cover All Listed Skills in 4 Weeks.

4 Week Class


Individual Private Training Sessions

$50.00 per Session

Training appointments available

Monday – Sunday
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